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On this page I will be posting, creating and regurgitating some of the more relevant and interesting regular news stories as I chance upon them. All feedback is welcome as usual to my personal email – binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com -

Happy July traders!

A new month, halfway through the year, potentially the last….;) I am getting close to making a choice on which technology solution to take, very exciting and very stressful! A key asset on my personal watchlist right now is GOLD. If you look back through the blog as I wrote ahead of time I can faithfully say I killed it on the OIL trades. Gold has just calmed down some and I feel it is ready to start rising once more. Get your CALL signs out and as usual write to me and get in touch!

Best wishes to all,


03/07/12 – Food for thought…

03/07/12 – Come and see what is killing the market

02/07/12 - How the USD will die……One Day….

02/07/12 - The origin of Money

27/06/12 - Gold almost bottomed out, time to ride the calls my Binary friends!

27/06/12 - Barclays Bank about to take a smashing down the levels….

Hello my little monsters!

Another fine day to be a financial trader wouldn’t you say? :) Yes I kid I kid, my god this economic circle of events is certainly very taxing on the mind and body! Last night I stayed up for most of the evening pouring through pricing proposals and back office systems related to my search for a White Label…..Running a Binary Option trading platform doesn’t feel like it would be too challenging, unfortunately working out truly who to go with is a little more tedious…..

As always best of luck with all your trading and keep in touch, write me an email and share some news! I promise to respond personally to all.


Ken Davis


27/06/12 - So who destroyed the middle class?

27/06/12 - Zombie Liquidity….


So my favourite readers,

As some of you may know from reading my updates I have been actively pursuing a technology provider to work with so I can create and run my own Binary Option trading platform. The search is very touch as the competition play hard! However, I have just as I did with the trading platforms created a nice and new review section for all to see. Just in case there are others out there reading this that want to create a White Label or simply put a Binary Option trading platform.

If any of you wish to talk to me regarding trading, Binary Options, White Labels, Licensed Technology and the rest feel free as always to email me direct – binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

Best wishes as always,


25/06/12 - The real truth…..

25/06/12 – Short term Wall Street Climb

21/06/12 – Time to buy APPLE again then…

21/06/12 - One of the best articles I have EVER read

20/06/12 -What happened to the middle class?

20/06/12 - So beggars can be choosers after all…

Hello my Binary Option fanatics!

As some of you have already noticed I do update and tweak with this site regularly so make sure you check in as much as you can to see the latest blog pieces and pages of content. Right now I am focused on two things only;

1) Procuring technology to run a Binary Options trading platform                                               2) Taking a large chunk of OIL futures and trading it up until I make some serious cash

As always I am happy to talk to anyone who wishes to talk :) Please register and send me feedback so I can keep making improvements to the site and content!

Best wishes to all,

Ken – binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

19/06/12 – Yesterday I told you OIL was perfect for CALLS, here is more proof

19/06/12 - How to save your money and your life!

18/06/12 - Oil, now is the time to CALL!

18/06/12 - The Euro soap opera continues…

Good weekend my happy readers!

Just a quick one from me, I have to say the email flow is starting to scare the crap out of me a little :) I didn’t think for one moment I would ever rise in popularity to become so requested by so many in such a little time! This is by no means a complaint oh no! I need MORE!!! Every single email written in is answered by me as many of you already know, please everyone, start commenting! I have I know taken my time understanding how to add features to the site (for those that don’t know, design isn’t exactly my forte!), but please, register at the bottom of any page, write some comments so the others just reading also get involved! Aside from that, sell all the Euro’s you have before it is too late, take all the money and go make a solid gold tuxedo with it, chances are it will be the safest investment ever made ;)

Best wishes as always,

Ken – binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

17/06/12 - Goodbye EURO, or at least I hope this is goodbye….

17/06/12 - The secrets behind the Greek election

Hello readers!

I have completely re-vamped the Binary Platform reviews for all to use and enjoy. Instead of talking about the hundreds of platforms I have chosen a premier league style top 5 to trade with. As always contact me directly to talk, for feedback or advice. Very soon I will have the technology provider reviews up and running. Just a last small update from me, I was contacted by a guy in Australia who wants me to blog for him on his review site called binaryoptions.net.au so by all means check it out and spread the word!

Best wishes to all,

Ken – binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

14/06/12 - Just call me the eraser, like a terminator, but more financial….

14/06/12 - Cheap words from Obama

Hello my lovely readers!

Just a small message of thanks from me, the amount of emails I have been receiving has been growing and growing so thank you all for not respecting the first rule of fight club (never talk about fight club!). Please keep passing the site around, sending feedback and questions as it really is a pleasure for me to have a chance to help! Be sure to sign up and register through some new widgets I have placed at the bottom of the site and obviously check in when you can to see updated content!

Best of luck to all,

Ken Davis – binaryoptionsreviews.net

13/06/12 - Welcome to the black-hole for banks…

13/06/12 - Debt killing the economy? More debt will fix that!

12/06/12 - Soon it will be you France mark my words!

12/06/12 – Oil under $100 finally!

12/06/12 -  Gold, so much for optimism….

Another quick personal message before I sign off today. I have been talking to a real amazing young man by the name of Chris. Not only is this young man a fantastic father to four kids if I remember right, he is also making his first steps into the world of trading. If I could pick an example of the style of energy required to make it in this game it would be Chris. I essentially told him when he first wrote to me, to pack it in, to leave it alone and not get involved in this risky venture of trading. He came back at me with such a passionate response and truly explained even to an old dog like me the real nature of what I have been rambling on about throughout my site. He wants a better life. He knows how he can get it. He is willing to put the time in and self develop, to train, to learn and to be humble. But on top of all that, the guy has a killer attitude within, he is ready to take the knife and carve out his place. To my latest friend Chris, and speaking honestly from the heart here, I am amazed at the tender age that you are (24 readers 24!!!) at how much you are achieving, you are an inspiration to myself and others, and from me personally I wish you nothing but the greatest success as I am sure do all the other readers. Remember all, Victory Loves Preparation.

Best wishes to all,

Ken -binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

11/06/12 - Gold rising after “positivity” on Spanish Bailout

11/06/12 - The US and a re-cap

11/06/12 - If Greece goes, we all go…Well at least most of Europe

Dear friends and fellow roller coaster riders, I wanted just to add a simple personal note today. Since I have created this site there have been a great many emails through, some happy some not, most of all though, all the emails are providing incredible feedback and stories regarding the industry and trading in general. To any and all that come and read please know I answer all messages personally and I love to receive them! A special thanks to a gentleman by the name of Shane. He recently started trading and has told me that by using this site (amongst other tools!) he has managed some magnificent results, often hitting 5/5 trades won. To Shane and any like him reading these words remember, the ride sometimes is harsh, frightening and risky. However, this life is but one (as far as we know!), enjoy what you have, be decent human beings, encourage self development, challenge yourselves and most of all, when trading, gut the bastard with full force and aggression when the timing feels right. We all want to be richer, the question is whether you are willing to take the risk to get it right now!

Best wishes to all,

Ken -binaryoptionsreviews@gmail.com

07/06/12 – Spanish Bond Sales, the real truth

07/06/12 - Up? Down? Apparently the Bullish market is on fire! No pun intended Spain

06/06/12 - ECB rate decision

06/06/12 - Great article – Confidence and criminals

05/06/12 - Beautiful technical pages from a new blog

05/06/12 - A negative view of Binary Options?! Well it had to happen sometime…Pinch of salt people, a BIG pinch of salt…;)

05/06/12 – Hello friends! After a few conferences and many meetings with regulatory boards, lawyers and the dreaded clan of business accountants my plan to operate a successful binary platform is slowly coming along. It is very interesting to see the other side of the garden so to speak! My market blog will be on-going as will my brutal dissection of the Binary industry, so keep checking in and really thank you all so very much for the continuing emails and support!

29/05/12 – JP Morgan Needs more cookies!

29/05/12 - Spanish Zombies

24/05/12Crude falling, again….

24/05/12Beware of the Greek’s!

Personal Update – Sadly to say I have become part of the new social circle and joined Linkedin. Not too many “friends” yet, I’m hoping to get in touch with the right operators to help guide my platform from vision to inception. Check out my profile, search Ken Davis, I’m the handsome one :)

22/05/12JPM Time to flush the toilet – Thanks FED!

22/05/12Global gains, the EU soap opera continues

21/05/12European shares recover – Well, at least temporarily!

21/05/12Facebook IPO for Dummies!

Another very very busy couple of weeks friends! I created a linkedin profile and am planning on visiting a few conferences to put into action my on going plan to get a binary option platform up and running in my own way as soon as possible. Absolute crazy movement across the markets, happily I followed the predictable FB drop off once it floated with a massive position, good news for me! New porche very soon! :) – Ken

14/05/12 – Time to buy gold!

14/05/12 – Nice piece on the EUR/USD

Been a very busy couple of weeks so forgive the lack of updates! Getting to the IFXEXPO in Cyprus end of this month, to go find me a technology provider for binary options. That’s right valued friends, Mr Davis is about to run his own show!

08/05/12 – Buying the commodity dip

08/05/12 – To hell with Germany!

07/05/12Complete European Event Calendar: May, June Edition

07/05/12Dummies Guide To Europe’s Problems

04/05/12 – Why this is very bad news for Europe

04/05/12 – Hiring slowing, big trouble for US economy

01/05/12$1.24 Billion Gold Grand Slam

01/05/12Gold Hits Two Week High

30/04/12Anything The Government Gives You, The Government Can Take Away

30/04/12- Europe’s “Dead Bank Walking” List



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